We are Living Collaborations.

We support world-changing partnerships to deepen their collaborative impact.

About Us

Life is endlessly collaborative. Collaborations are living things, purposeful, productive, energising and evolving, that need to grow and change.


Cross-sector partnership brokering, facilitating complex collaboration, convening events for strategic conversations, building collaboration and partnering skills.

My purpose is to help build collaborations that are life giving, that bring positive change to our world, for those who need it most.

I believe that the global community needs to collaborate in new and profound ways to achieve its sustainable development goals and I am committed to facilitating this.

Globally, we have aspirations such as ending poverty and hunger, inclusive and equitable education, access to justice and the creation of dynamic, liveable cities to support our growing population sustainably, safely and peacefully, firmly in our sights.

Everyone has a role to play in shaping a better future and Living Collaborations exists to support communities, businesses, governments and other actors to do it together. In collaboration.

Deep and transformational collaboration can be challenging so I want to support, nurture and strengthen those efforts that will have the deepest impact.

"Michelle's engagement was key to the success of the All Children Reading Partnership. I have worked with many professionals over the years, but Michelle's ability to both attend to the detail while casting the bigger vision is unique. I highly recommend her as a Partnership broker, facilitator and change leader."

− Teresa Ferrari, Senior Director, Central America and Dominican Republic at World Vision International

"Michelle is both a clear headed realist and a visionary dreamer. She enables groups to pragmatically “shoot for the stars”. She truly facilitates and serves the various stakeholders, seeking to land their aspirations not hers. She creates a safe environment and tests the people and ideas thoroughly within that safe and respectful space."

− Olivia Maclean, General Manager Mission Development, Baptcare.

"I think you have a rare ability to hold the floor with a sense of legitimacy and professionalism and yet at the same time be open, warm and fun – powerful combo."

− Caroline Chernov, Executive Director, ten20 Foundation

"Insightful, reflective, and with a warm, human touch, Michelle brought her extensive partnering expertise to our emerging collaboration and guided us toward shared and realisable goals. She assisted us lay a solid foundation for a research partnership grounded in strong social values."

− Associate Professor Martyn Jones, RMIT University

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