Keys to success in collaboration

What does it really take to be successful when collaborating beyond your own organisation?

Check out our Success model to get you started, where we share the four key areas you need to master to have success in your collaborations.

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Mastering Listening

Step 1

Watch this video by Otto Scharmer from the Presencing Institute introducing four levels of listening.

‘Listening is at the source of all great leadership’.

Step 2

Download our beautiful postcard of the Four Listening Levels and Four Dialogue Levels to keep with you, and share with others as you deepen your practice of listening.

Step 3

Download ‘lisn…my art of listening’’ from the ios App Store to begin paying attention to how you listen. This free app supports you to observe your own listening, and to monitor change over time.


Global Dialogue on Partnership

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals: Is it time to reframe SDG 17 so it’s fit for transformation? Conversation with Dr Leda Stott in July 2020 based on this publication.

Does SDG17 reflect an old paradigm of international cooperation? Of donor-recipient relations? Of developed-developing countries? Does it give primacy to economic growth? Why does it represent a narrow conceptualisation of partnerships, and use language that is contradictory to the language of transformation throughout Agenda 2030?

Hosted for the Partnership Brokers Association. (90 mins)

Conversation with Adam Kahane

Collaborating with the Enemy – How to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust.

Adam introduces the notion of ‘stretch collaboration’, which takes us beyond conventional collaboration where we can control what happens (the goal, plans, roles, even outcomes).

Hosted for the Partnership Brokers Association with Reos Partners. (60 mins)

Partnership Brokering and Shared Value

How partnerships can maximize shared value business strategies for transformational results.

Hosted for the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) in partnership with FSG.

Featuring PBA Associates  Julie Mundy and Jocelyne Daw, and Adeeb Z. Mahmud, FSG Managing Director. (60 mins)

Building disaster resilience in the Philippines

Lessons learnt and principles of multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Featuring a case study of the Business Continuity Program, a partnership between the Humanitarian Leadership Academy with CODE NGO, the Cooperative Development Authority and the Provincial Government of Cebu.

Hosted as part of the Global Network of CSOs for Disaster Resilience, 2018 Summit, Kuala Lumpur.